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Australia as laboratory?

March 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Syndey Harbour night panorama

Rudd’s laptop policy may make Australia an ideal place to test out opensource textbooks. If every grade 9-12 has their own laptop then the ‘old’ digital divide (access to hardware) won’t be such an issue. With the national curriculum coming in, this might be our chance to try something radical.

Just when I thought I’d had an original idea, see the link below for another link between the relevance of 1:1 computing and the open source movement

“There’s desperation with the budget in California right now,” Bridges says. “The digital textbook initiative would merge well with a one-to-one model, but there aren’t any funds to make that happen.”

Platoni, K. (2009, Dec/Jan). California Embraces Open Source Digital Textbooks, Edutopia, Retrieved from


Australia’s digital revolution

March 10, 2010 2 comments

Kevin Rudd

Gillard, J, 2008, ‘National Secondary School Computer Fund: Round One‘, Media Release

Refers to research into the access to computers in Australian secondary schools. Almost one thousand secondary schools had a student to computer ratio of 1:8 or worse (note that these stats only count computers of age < 4 years). The average for all australian schools was 1:5. The policy aims to achieve a 1:1 student:computer ratio by December 2011 (see for example: Rudd, K., 2009, ‘Digital Education Revolution National Partnership‘)