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Can we teach without technology?

March 19, 2010 1 comment

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from ‘Technology and Teaching‘ on David Warlick’s blog ‘2¢ worth’

Davis has surveyed teachers on their attitudes to technology in education. Their are some sampling issues (as pointed out by the author)

it is important to note that this was a technology conferences and all of the high school teachers there attended voluntarily — so they were largely the converted

however, it remains as an intersting, quantitative description of a subset of teacher attitudes.

The questions and responses

  1. Can a teacher be a good teacher without using technology?
    • Yes – 69% (135)
    • No – 31% (62)
  2. Is a teacher who is not using technology (computer, internet, etc.), doing his or her job?
    • Yes – 12% (13)
    • No – 88% (94)

Overwhelmingly these (self-selecting, presumably computer-literate) teachers reject the idea that teaching in an old paradigm is OK (despite the fact students CAN learn this way).