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An open source text : on the digital divide

Wire fence

How appropriate,

I read a chpater from the fairly comprehensive (though slightly dated) text;

Poole, J.B., Sky-McIlvain, E., Jackson, L. and Singer, Y., 2006 ‘Education for an Information Age: Teaching in the Computerized Classroom’, 6th Edition

the text is freely available online as part of The Global Text Project.

This text cites Pillar’s two decade old work;

“Computer-based education in poor schools is in deep trouble. Not only did these schools lack the funds and skills to finance the maintenance of their computer hardware. They also lacked the training to make the best use of the machines. “In most cases,” Pillar concluded, “computers simply perpetuate a two-tier system of education for rich and poor.”

Times have changed, and the issue has shifted from a hardware to a knowledge domain yet perhaps we are perpetuating societal divide

Read on for tangent / rant:

Strangely, the GTP website states that all material will be released under a Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution licence (sharing and remixing are legal provided the author is attributed) yet examining the legal disclaimer of the text, this is not the case. It is a DIY style ‘conditions of use’ statement which allows free use but no remixing. Further, the familiar Copyright © Bernard John Poole, Betsy Sky-McIlvain, Lorrie Jackson, Yvonne Singer, 2006, all rights reserved appears on each page. Make up your mind; either you are or you aren’t!

Education for an Information Age
Teaching in the Computerized Classroom
6th Edition

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