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Research questions

Notepad and pen

The TED talk discussed in the previous post provided a nice introduction to the topic of open source textbooks and helped me frame some questions to guide research.

What is out there?

How is open source publishing being used in educational contexts? Who is authoring open source text books (the usual suspects, or a new breed)?

What are ‘they’ saying?

What exists in the education literature or in public commentary relating to open source textbooks?

How is the issue of quality control being dealt with?

Anyone can publish anything. Scary? Perhaps. I want to look at how different open source platforms and communities deal with the issue of quality control. Peer review of textbooks sounds great, but who are the peers?

How are open source text books being used to improve access to education?

Are we actually seeing the promised social impact of open source publishing? How are these texts being used in the developing world or by disadvantaged members of our society?

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